Fabulous Cruise Lines for Families


One of the most gratifying and pleasurable experience you can possibly conceive is being on a Disney cruise. While you may think that this cruise is the preserve of kids, you’d be pleasantly amazed by what you’ll find. With ocean-view spas, Broadway-caliber shows, and restaurants named after animated characters but staffed by top chefs, you can be sure you’d relish every moment on this cruise.

With round the clock entertainment for kids and exclusive adult areas offering sophisticated dining options, these cruise lines are highly anticipated by families. Adults will definitely have a blast on the Disney cruise without feeling like they're trapped the world's largest kid's party.

The cruise is also designed to give the best luxury and comfort to kids while keeping them entertained and engaged. Royal Caribbean's new Harmony of the Seas (now the world's largest cruise ship), boasts a 10-story, LED-lit slide and countless DreamWorks characters like Shrek and Kung Fu Panda.  With teenagers absolutely engrossed in the conquest of the twin rock wall climbing, parents can always take a trip to the Vitality Spa for a rejuvenating wrap or facial.

Cruise ships can feel like summer camp for children, be they tots or teens. They can meet easily meet friends in line for the ropes course or at the supervised club, and parents don't have to worry about them wandering too far. Cruising with the whole family may sound daunting, but these cruise lines have mastered the formula to keep every member of your group amused, relaxed, and satisfied.

Sail the Mediterranean, or island hop in the Caribbean. No matter where in the world you sail, these are our readers' favorite cruise lines for families.