Facts on eyebrows Microblading



Like me, many individuals do not have very prominent eyebrow and that is just putting it mildly.

Resultantly, I have dedicated most of my time figuring out ways to remedy my scanty and short eyebrow challenge and got different outcomes from the different approaches I tried.

Most makeup artists will tell you that the eyebrows should look like sisters instead of twins. Sadly, my eyebrows looked like they were completely unrelated. My frustration with the state of my eyebrows made me very eager for a procedure that could fix it and this made me very thrilled to give Microblading a shot.

If you are completely oblivious of what Microblading means then I would clarify shortly. Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing. The procedure is performed with a set of teeny blades on a microblading pen, an expert will use the tool to create hair-like strokes and help plant pigment under the skin, which will then create an accurately shaped eyebrow that remains for about 1 to 3 years.

One I was clear on what the procedure entailed, I decided to make arrangements for a meeting with Kendra Bray, the Proprietor of Better Brows NYC. At first, I had an intense mixture of fear and excitement about the procedure. Especially since I haven’t undergone any procedures to my eyebrows in the past. The recurring mental image of my eyebrows being punctured left me flinching in painful disgust. However, Bray put me at ease long before the actual procedure began.

Prior to my appointment, she requested that I send a picture of my natural brows so that she could have a better idea of what she's working with. Once I arrived, we spent some time talking about what my dream eyebrows look like. I've never been too particular, so I only requested that they would extend past the edge of my eyes and appear fuller.

Bray dedicated plenty of time to drawing how my eyebrow will appear with a pen. After that, we then examined it for one last time then Bray applied a desensitizer that reduced the sensitivity of the skin area. The desensitizer was left on face for about half an hour before the actual procedure stared.

With the aid of the microblading tool and the application of custom pigment color, Bray made hair like lines everywhere the brow shape was present. Following all of the action, it was clear that I had achieved the eyebrows I always longed for.

While the first procedure is quite brief, everything comes down to the aftercare phase and this phase often determines how you’d appear.

Bray pointed out that the after care of the eyebrow works very differently from skin maintenance. For skin, you’d hope for the quick rejuvenation of cells that produce new skin. However, eyebrows are being stained in hopes of ensuring that cells change at a slower rate.

First, be sure to keep your tattoo dry for 10 days following the procedure. This means taking extra care while washing your face and keeping cleansers, lotions and ointments away from the brow area. The skin under your eyebrows may also start to feel itchy and tight after day 10, in which case you can apply a very small amount of coconut oil.

Additionally, you can expect to appear darker in color immediately after the procedure, which is totally normal. Over the course of the entire healing process–about 6-8 weeks–that darker pigment will fade and the skin will become softer.

One common routine is scabbing which is not very prominently displayed. Many individuals will be entirely oblivious of scabbing until you inform them ion what you have done to your face. After the scabs have healed, you will begin to see the growth of a radiant skin. This newly rejuvenating skin will disappear after some days.

I must confess that the outcomes of microblading has been nothing short of spectacular. I can’t just seem to stop staring at myself in the mirror.

Contrary to what you might think, microblading is not exclusively suitable for individuals with scant eyebrow.

Bray made it known that microblading is a procedure that enhances the looks of individuals with plenty eyebrows as well. Apart from encouraging the growth of eyebrows, Microblading will also give you a perfect shaped eyebrow that is very appealing and easy to groom.

If you are interested in the procedure and will like to know about the financial requirements, aftercare requirements and how to locate a microblading expert, you can always click play to get additional info in our newest Facebook Live segment and make plan a meeting with Better Brows NYC.