6 Approaches to Blow-Dry Your Hair Faster



Squeeze your hair

One of the most effective ways to eliminate excessive water from your hair by squeezing your hair. When you get out of the shower or you were juts drenched by rainfall, the most preferred approach to getting your hair dry is to wrap a towel firmly around your hair and squeezing firm to soak up excessive moisture. However, remember not to scrub as this as the potential to create frizz.

Ali Webb warns about drying your hair too much. It is actually good to have a little bit of moisture in your hair as a hair without moisture creates great deal of difficulty.

Change Rooms

Leave bathroom for a different room to dry your hair. This is a pervasive mistake that many people make and it tends to make drying hair quite difficult. Jones clarifies that “The humidity creates extra work.”  After you shower, move to a different room to dry your hair in other to avoid the humidity in the air.

Work with ideal tools

For every endeavor, it comes highly recommended that you work with the ideal tools to achieve desirable results. The same is very much applicable when it comes to drying your hair. Webb recommends that you have a perfect balance of both high heat and high air power. Having a powerful dryer will help breakup water faster. Buttercup Blow Dryer offers impressive functionalities that facilitates hair drying.

Begin at the top

While the normal practice is to divide hair into pieces and begin blow drying from the ends. It is much better to begin the drying process at the crown. This is achieved by lifting up small parts of the hair at the crown with a decent tooth comb and then blowing the roots. Dyana Nematallah, who happens to be stylist in New York City, points out that this approach is a lot easier and would save a lot of time and energy.

 Point down Every time

While this might seem like an unnecessary constraint, celebrity stylist Riawna Capri makes us to understand that it is much better to point down every time. “Always angle the blow-dryer so that the air blows toward your ends to seal the cuticle down,” she says.  This is a compulsory requirement to reduce the work load and to ensure that you do not create additional work for yourself that comes with frizz.

Use premium products

One of the oldest tricks to drying your hair fast and efficiently is to use premium products. it is a simple fact that quality products helps you achieve a fantastic blowout quicker. This particularly true of L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Blow Dry. Its Quick Dry Primer Spray protects your hair from heat damage and reduces drying time dramatically.